Dear God, From A Soldier

23 Jul

Dear God,

I pray that you give me strength and courage as I prepare for deployment. Please, watch over me and my fellow comarades that are going out. Be with all our families and friends, ease their hearts and worries. Bring us all home safely. I know you have a plan for me, and I will trust you. In your name I pray, amen.


To the one that I hurt

24 Apr

I’m sorry I hurt you. After I did what I did, I stood at the top of my 60-story hotel building and just looked over the side. I kept hoping that, by some miracle,  a gust of wind would take me over the edge and onto the pavement where both of our hurts would end right then and there in the middle of the New York streets. I wish so badly that I could take my mistake back and that we could be like we were. I hate myself more and more every minute now. My tears haven’t stopped falling, and your knuckles keep bleeding. What do you want me to do?! All that I’m good for is hurting the ones thatIi love the most; you. I just want you to be happy…

Dear Popular Kids

6 Feb

Dear popular kids,
I am sorry I shop at Hot Topic and thrift stores instead of wearing overly priced crap that you just wear to fit in. I’m sorry I’m depressed and I don’t dress the way you want me to dress. I’m sorry I wear band tees instead of slutty outfits. I’m sorry I prefer horror movies other than watching guys take their shirts off and flex. I’m sorry I listen to music that describes me rather than crap you can’t even understand. I’m sorry I would rather go to a concert than go to a party. I’m sorry I go play with my band on Friday nights instead of going and having sex with my boyfriend. I’m just so sorry, I’m not seemingly perfect and fake like you.

I’m sorry my parents aren’t proud of me.



Dear World: This is my life

19 Sep

Dear World,
This is my life: I am in my 40’s. I immigrated here when I was 2. People have made fun of me for my dark skin, the shape of my nose, my face. I am an American citizen, but people always want to know what country I’m from not what state. I was bullied, called fat and made to feel ugly. My parents are critical, domineering and unloving. All they care about is how fat I am and want me to do everything they tell me; again I am 40. To get away, I married a horrible, selfish, cruel, mean-spirited man. I walk around trying to please them all because I am bullied by all of them. I am afraid and alone. I have filed for divorce and now am filing for bankruptcy. When I look in the mirror, I see a fat, ugly failure. I just want to know what I did to deserve this? And I want to know if it will ever get better? I see people with loving parents. I see women with loving husbands. I want to be them instead of this hopeless waste! Why? I just want to know why no one loves me; not for real? Is there such. thing as a selfless, loving person? Is there?

Dear Justin

23 Aug

Justin, my dear,

In one week and one day you will leave our beloved Kentucky town to move 3,000 miles away out to sunny California. Getting close to you has been one of the most treasured times of my short life. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time together but I know you’ll do great things out in Cali and I know this isn’t goodbye.
Still, when you’re gone I’ll miss your radio show and I’ll miss you taking unflattering photos of me eating. I’ll miss drinking beer and watching Breaking Bad with you and I’ll miss your wisecracks. I’ll miss every little thing about you. I’ll miss the way you grab my hand when we part ways and the way you stroke my hair. I’ll miss your suspenders and your doofy sneakers and the way you remind me of my dad.
I’ll miss you so much, Justin. But I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

You’re the best radio photographer I know.


Dear Mom

13 Aug

Dear Mom,
Why do you hate me? Why do you say you care but constantly push me away? Why do you always try to take away the things in my life that make me the happiest? Why am I such a ” hoe, whore, bitch ” in your eyes? I know we all say things when were mad, but there’s only so much I can take. You are so mean, so cold, so angry. I tried to mend what we had, but you refused. I don’t want any of it anymore. I just need my answers so I can go about my life. I can’t take the pain of not knowing. I’m sorry I was born. I’m sorry I am here, living & breathing. You are the reason why I feen to feel the cold blade against my skin, but I refuse. I refuse to let you bring me down again. Ha, who am I kidding? Because of you I wish I died that night I tried to kill myself.
Fuck you, you’re slut of a daughter. HA.

Dear God

20 Jun

Dear God,
Direct my path. I cannot manage certain tasks and responsibilities by my own strength, let alone make rational decisions. Therefore I ask for your wisdom to know what to do, what to say, and where to go. Lord I don’t trust anyone or anything because this world is full of hypocrisy, lies, and deceit. In order for me to make it in this lifetime, I need discernment which exposes what’s in the darkness. I give you my pain, my tears, my strongholds, my mistakes, my worries, my fears because you care for me. You’re my light, you’re my source, you’re my strength, you’re my provider, you’re my healer, you’re my everything. Instruct my path



Dear Samantha

12 Jun

There were a hundred reasons why we could have worked. As to why not, there was only one. Was it the temporary distance between us? No.

Samantha, you’re a fool, and I’m better off without you.
So why, six years later, do you still haunt my thoughts?

Dear Friends

11 Jun

Dear friends,
I just want you to know that if i didnt have you i dont know what i would do . There are some of you that i dont call my true friends. If you were my friends you wouldnt pick on me every single day of my life. You tell me we’re bestfriends and that you’re just joking around but at the end of the day the jokes arent as funny anymore. You need to think about what you are saying because honeslty it isnt okay. I am not going to let you do this to me anymore. It’s time for me to stand up and speak out. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings in the progress but now you will feel the pain you cause me everyday.
Love , your so called “friend”

Dear Former Best Friend

10 Feb

Dear Former Best Friend,
I’m sorry i get drunk and do stupid stuff and i can’t believe i stole that $200 bucks from you. But i hope you know its going for a good thing, my court, and dont act like your mom or dad cant give you more money. I literally have noone and i have to take care of my brother. Yes, you have a kid but you have multiple people who wil help you. I have noone. Literally. I feel horrible but if there was one thing i wish it would be that i just took the whole wallet and i know that makes me a horrible person. Sorry that i did that. But im more sorry i got caught. This is me apologizing. I can now say that i told someone and i feel tons better.Ill make it up to you one day.

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