Dear Bad Timing

17 Apr

Dear Bad Timing,

I can’t love you anymore. Despite the amazing amounts of passion in our relationship, this is not healthy. I understand that you have just realized that i am the girl you want to be with, but i just realized i can do better. I want to be with the guy who will stay up all night with me talking about nothing important. I need the guy who kisses me on my forehead, not always my lips, and holds me when I’m sad. Most of all, I deserve that guy who smiles when he sees me and tells his friends, “Yeah, that’s her. I’m so lucky she loves me back.” I guess what I’m trying to say is, you are not that guy. Honestly, I don’t think you want to be that guy for me, and that’s ok. One day you’ll find that girl for you and I will find that guy for me. Best of luck, I’m sorry I’m not in love with you anymore.




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