Utilizing Writing to Ease the Pain

19 Apr

Hello readers, writers and supporters,

I hope this message comes to you all well. I want to share with you my thoughts on how I think writing about your emotions can help to ease any pain you are feeling toward the topic. No, writing it down will not make it go way, but being able to tell someone, anyone how you feel or have felt in the past is what this is here for. This is a medium for people who want to get something off their chest, a forum for seeking help, or just a place to be able to say what you want without any judgment.

Getting to the point; If you find yourself in a tough situation, please utilize the help links to the right of the page. I am grateful that you all know this is a safe place to discuss your lives, and I hope you continue to come back and use this site as a place that people just like you come and understand what you might be going through. No one is alone in how they feel. It might be hard right now, but try not to give up. Write it down, share, read how people have been there, too and let’s all help each other find a way to be happy.

Someone, somewhere has been there, too

Someone, somewhere has been there, too

I hope this helps.

With love,



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