Dear Brazil

20 Apr

Dear Brazil,

I’ve always been kind of in love with you. From the first night I saw you, I knew. You didn’t say a word because you were shy back then, but I immediately thought “Oh no, this one could be trouble for me.” During my relationship with my boyfriend all year, I supressed how attracted I was to you, and I tormented myself over it. The things that come out of your mouth inspire me to search for myself, to be myself, and rejoice in who I am. Exactly as I am, unedited. I wanted to be one of the reasons you stayed in America. I also wanted to help you not be depressed anymore. I wanted to know that I was priceless and irreplaceable, and you proved it to me. You weren’t afraid to TELL me that I was, and there was never hesitation in your voice. You were sure that I was crucial to the universe, and you told me why and how the world needs me. Thank you for giving me the encouragement, support, and hugs that I needed in order to make my tough decision yesterday. I believe God put you in my life
(whether you believe in Him or not) to help me discover myself, and I’m so thankful.

Bird in the Night


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