Dear Best Friend Who Moved Away

27 Apr

Dear Best Friend Who Moved Away,

I miss you a lot and think of you a lot. You probably don’t even realize how much you mean to me, because I never call. I did manage to send that little pathetic email once, but that was just an attempt at trying to tell you how much I want you to come back home. I’m sorry the last time we saw each other we didn’t have a blast, but it was kinda fun, right? I’m glad you’ve got a really cool boy now, I’m glad you two do everything together, I’m glad he calls you every night, but sometimes I feel like you don’t need me anymore. You’ve moved on with your life, and that’s good, I’m glad, but I’m still stuck with nothing to do on weekends because I can’t just call you up anymore. No one else says the same thing as me at the same time, or laughs we did together, or actually hated the Twilight books. No one can tell as good of stories as you (or write them) no one can make Rubik’s cube cakes like you, and no one can beat me in a fencing match like you. No one can be my best friend like you.

So I just wanted to say that I miss you and love you, and maybe I’ll give you a call tonight and see how you are.


One Response to “Dear Best Friend Who Moved Away”

  1. jillannbromwich April 27, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    I like the idea. Great blog, ‘best friend who moved away’.

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