Dear First Love

27 Apr

Dear First Love,
I should have written to you many years ago to tell you I was marrying someone else. The truth was I knew I was breaking your heart and couldn’t tell you.
Oh, how many time I wished I had never married him. Many nights I cried wanting it to be a dream and I would awake and still be yours.
When at last I did talk to you I cried while I listened to you tell me you could forgive but not forget. You had told me you would always love me no matter what, but I lost that love. It take almost a life time to let that first love die. Even marriage and children can’t stop that kind of a love. No matter how many times you ask God why, He doesn’t give you the answer.
Now many years later I wonder what I would feel if I saw you again. I do know at last the love has changed and I have the wonderful memories of a young love, a first love.


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