Dear Mark

30 Apr

Dear Mark,

I’m sorry for breaking you.

I remember your sob over the phone,

a shudder I could scarcely hear, not quite masked by the static.

And then I thought it was crazy,

but now it makes me ache

because I finally know what it’s like to be in love.

I’ve never lost it,

never been told so nonchalantly that my everything is nothing anymore.

I can imagine though.

Maybe I’ve just gone sappy, but I read that letter again,

the one that came in the mail the day after I did it.

It made even me

(once heartless heartbreaker)

a little tight in the throat, shaky in the hands.

The silly rhymes and the way you signed it in sloppy script

“With all my love”

finally got to me I guess.

See, I thought it was over at the end of summer when I said,

“I hope I see you again someday,”

knowing I probably wouldn’t.

How could I have known that in your tucked-away musings, I was


But you should know I think about you

every other day or even more.

And you should know I wish for you


I wish for you a girl who melts over those azure eyes,

like shattered glass,

like I did.

I hope she enjoys fireworks and fireflies,

long walks and the Red Hot Chili Peppers,

and doesn’t mind your quiet.

Maybe she’ll make you braver

and you’ll squeeze her fingers,

kiss her temple,

and tell her you love her before you lose her,

and she’ll put you back together.

With all my best wishes, as lame as that sounds,



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