Dear Mom

2 May


The other day a girl was telling me a story of a crazy experience she had when she was in high school.  It involved her getting caught by the police, having sex outside, in possession of alcohol and drugs and visibly intoxicated.  After which, she drove to her boyfriend, who had given her HPV two states away.  Then returned home the next day two hours late for her grandfather’s funeral, missing items of clothing.  Her parents said nothing to her.

Thank you for caring, for watching out for me and for protecting me.  Thank you for preventing me having a story like this.  You always cared, and even when I was pulling away from you and tried to rebel against you, I still held the values you raised me with.  You helped me to be the pure person I am today.  For this I cannot thank you enough, but for the fight I put up when you were raising me, I can never tell you how much you telling me no means to me.


Your youngest


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