Dear Cat

5 May

Dear Cat,

Thank you, Love Mom

Thank you, Love Mom

Thank you for being here for me all the time. I guess you didn’t really have a choice after I scooped you up out of that ice storm.

You always know exactly what I need. A head lick to make me laugh, a belly kneading when I’m feeling bad, face kisses when I’m feeling lonely, a frisky pounce when I’m feeling playful. You’re perfect. You make me want to be a crazy cat lady someday, with 20 cats just like you.

I wish I could’ve known you as a kitty. I think we would’ve gotten along even back then. You’ve picked up and can perfectly mimic my moods after a shot year and a half, I can only imagine how close we’d have been if we grew up together.

Sorry I call you fatty. It’s just because you’ve more than doubled your weight, from 6 to 15 pounds, since I’ve known you. But I really do love how your belly pools around you when you’re lounging. And the way that you look like a penguin when you sit because I can’t see your feet.

I’m glad you found and adopted me.



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