Dear Mom #2

7 May

Dear mom#2,

Hey. It has been a year and 77 days since you took your life. I’m sorry I was not there toward the end. It doesn’t matter that you were just my best friends’ mom. You were my mom too. I know it was hard on you when we grew up and moved away. You needed the support, and we weren’t there to give it to you. I feel guilty every day for not just picking up the phone or dropping by to see you. The last conversation we had was that I was being a stranger, and I needed to come over more often because I still was one of your daughters and part of the family! I am so sorry things ended the way that they did. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and your good days. But this is for you MOM. I love you, and we all miss you down here.


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