Dear Mr. Schell

11 May

Dear high school biology teacher,

Here is my letter … story perhaps … It is an apology letter to a highschool biology teacher named Mr Schell … This incident has bothered me ever since, and sometimes I think I will find him in person and tell him my sorrowfulness, … but I’m scared to.

I was new at this Highschool, but I knew many of the kids there … was still trying to fit in. I think I was a second semester freshman…

Biology was always a bore for, … and I wouldn’t pay attention … I would daydream. The teacher, Mr Schell, was kind of…well….I hate to say it now, but not the best looking man in the world…he would be what one would call a “geek.”….BUT, he was VERY nice, and his wife was a teacher too….I didn’t dislike him at all…just was bored in his class.

I had a best friend, Mary, whom I used to write letters to in school when I was bored, and she did the same…So, here I was in Biology not concentrating and bored stiff…I decided to write Mary a letter…

I chose to write about the “geekiness” of Mr. Schell….it was bad. I listed about the most horrible physical qualities a guy could have… You see, Mary and I would basically have contests on who could be the most vulgar!  We had fun, but it was generally innocent…this time it wasn’t.

Like I said, I really liked Mr Schell….so I think you will understand how sorrowful I was after the result of writing this letter during class….AND the subject matter….just think of the worst things someone could say about your face, your body…even your voice. I was awful.

Mr Schell walked down the aisle, smiled at me, and took the letter from my hands. I then had the most God-AWFUL feeling come and reside in my soul…when I think about it now that feeling comes back….it haunts me…

The next day in class, Mr Schell walked up to me and handed the letter back to me! No words…again…just that smile….it was a kind smile…I cannot remember if I even said I was sorry because I just felt so badly!

So….this is my letter of apology to a teacher who had a heart of gold…and didn’t deserve that kind of treatment from a student…..

I feel a little better after writing this….but it doesn’t matter how I feel now does it?



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