Dear Boy

18 May

Dear Boy,

Thank you for asking me to dance at prom so many years ago. I will forever remember “Iris” as our song, even though I haven’t had a decent conversation with you in several years.

On prom night, I was fully prepared to pretend like I didn’t care that I didn’t have anyone to dance with because I didn’t have a date and had come with just a few girlfriends. So when you came up and asked ME, not the two other girls I was standing with, to dance, I was really touched. You had crossed the room to get to me, and that meant a lot.

My relationships with guys throughout the years have been, well, non-existent for the most part. So, when I’ve watched one too many chick flicks and just wish I had a boyfriend, the thought of you asking me to dance on prom night makes me feel a little better, and gives me hope that someday maybe I’ll find someone who’s willing to cross the room for me again.

Sometimes I still imagine that perhaps, maybe, it could be you, and we would end up together.

Love, Girl


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