Dear Step Dad

19 May


Back in 2000, you were simply my mom’s boyfriend. You were in a stranger in my house, and I did my best to make you feel unwelcome. Not talking to you; trying to undermine you; anything I could do to try to get you out. But you never budged. You stuck around. I thought it was because you loved my mother, but I began to see there was more to that story. You actually loved us; my mom, my brother, and me. You took us in as if we were your own. You helped me in any chance you could. You woke up at 4 o’clock on Wednesdays, which were your day off, to teach me how to drive a stick. All through high school, you raised me as your own, even though we had no blood connection. Even though you and my brother had MANY fights, you still treated him as if he was your own son, even though he didn’t reciprocate that feeling. You’ve helped him since day one: rather it was with his “situation” or anything else. And you continue, until this day, to help me in any way possible. Nine years with you have made us a family, and I am extremely blessed to have you in my life. I’ve heard so many horror stories about step-parents, but I’m so glad you weren’t one of them.


Your son



One Response to “Dear Step Dad”

  1. Angeliz January 16, 2014 at 8:49 pm #

    I Love It It Broke My Heart Then Made Me Feel Good Like How You Said The End That He Wasnt Like The Horror Movies I Was Like That When I Was Younger But I Really Liked How You Did That Letter 🙂

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