Dear Alex

27 May

Dear Alex,

You were the best friend I have ever had. I still just sit back and think about all the amazing times we spent together. We always had so much fun even if we weren’t doing anything. You were hilarious and very loving. But then we changed? We got older and slowly started to discover ourselves. We started hanging out with people that were closer to our newly found personalities. Leaving little space for one another. I know that’s what happens to all childhood friendships, but I hate that it happened to mine. I hate that when I finally discovered what I had let happen, you were gone. I was lost, because you were lost. I had no way of getting a hold of you, and I had no idea where you were. And I finally found you. But It feels as if it’s too late. I’m still too different to keep my childhood friend. It’s sad. The world. The way we change. We lose who we are so simply. Like for boyfriends. Well at least that’s what it has always been for me. Boys, stupid boys. And I still do it. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better friend. I’m sorry that I didn’t hesitate to replace with a boy I had a school girl crush on. If I could go back, I would change it. I promise.

I love you forever and always,



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