Dear Nonstop

29 May

Dear Nonstop,

You push so hard. You try to prove to everyone just how good you are. You have to feel like the most involved, the best dressed, the one in control of every social situation. But women are supposed to be soft. We are supposed to show love through our beauty. We’re not meant to control everything around us.

Who are you trying to convince? There are plenty people fawning over you. There are plenty of adults who see you as the next great leader, and plenty of girls who enjoy being your friend. Don’t you ever feel tired from trying so hard? Are you not only trying to convince the masses, but also yourself?

You have the capacity to be loving. You have the capacity to be soft and beautiful. You are already good-looking, but let your heart show a little. Be a little vulnerable. I think it would do you good, and it would give the rest of us a little break sometimes. No one will truly let their guard down around you if you never tear down your own brick wall. Don’t you ever want to be close to someone?

Good luck,


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