Dear Mookie

31 May

Dear Mookie,

I am so happy that I finally got hold of you yesterday. It was refreshing to hear your sweet little voice. I could not contain myself (hence the silence from my end). I just wanted to hear you talk while you tell me your stories. God knows how much I wanted to have you and Daddy back. It pains me every time I will go to bed at night not knowing how your day went, what you ate (or have you even eaten at all), what you experienced that day. I’m your Mommy, I thought that what I did is for your own good. You know that I cannot support both you and your brother the way that you are used to. I no longer have that fancy house, that fancy car and tons of money. You promised me that you will stay with me through thick and thin. I still remember that one time, I was way too sick (that you were trying to calm me down). You cried and whispered to my ear the words… “I’m here mommy… I’m here… I will never ever leave you”. A week after that, you asked me to let you stay with my Dad. You got tired of us being poor. I thought that it will help you and your brother if I let you go. I smiled warmly at your tiny face and hugged you like it was for the last time. After you bid your goodbye, I went inside our room and cried myself to sleep. It is still painful to even think of that night. As that was the last time that I ever saw you. Three long years, I craved to touch you and hear you laugh. You baby brother doesn’t even know who are now. I miss your kisses and hugs, your smile and warm laughter. If only I can, I will get you. Please tell me that you are okay now, and that your decision to stay with your Grandpa is all worth this. I will be happy if you say “yes Mommy, I am all good”. I love you son, God knows how much I am missing you. Be well… Be safe!!! I am just a phone call away.



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