Dear “Thing 1”

13 Jun

Dear Thing 1,
I just want to start by saying and reminding you that we were never really friends to begin with, merely acquaintances at school and church.  I will call you by a name Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I went to school with Thing 1 and you stole my best friend away from me and brain washed her into thinking that I was no good and a liar, when I am not a liar, I simply choose not to share my personal life with you.  But that wasn’t good enough, you couldn’t just leave it alone, instead you had to get Thing 2 involved.  Thing 2 was an acquaintance from church and the first love of my boyfriend Tim whom Thing 2 went to school with in the next town.  Because I wouldn’t give you the answer you wanted you convinced Thing 2 to talk to Tim knowing that he would tell her because she claimed to be his best friend.  Tim told Thing 2 therefore enabling you to label me from then on out as a liar.  Guess what?! I DON’T CARE!  You are a greedy, over jealous bitch.  There, I said it.

I am so sick of you trying to ruin the good things that come into my life and Tim’s.  We love each other and you can’t stop that.  I know you wrote to him in Basic a few weeks back and I know what the letter said.  I can’t believe you would refer to me like that; “I go through boyfriends like you go through purses.”  How dare you!  You don’t know me!  You have no idea of anything about me.  No one ever said it was bad to have several boyfriends over the years.  It is bad to cheat and have several boyfriends at once, which I did not do and it is bad to sleep with several guys even if they are your boyfriend, which I did not do either.  Therefore, your comment is irrelevant.  I also know about the comment you made about me returning to my ex’s and being desperate, which is also not true.  Before you publish things, maybe you should consider your sources and check with the lead character in your story for the truth.  Adam came back to me regretting us ever breaking up and begging me to
take him back.  I refused and said that he was going to have to prove himself first and take me out like a lady.  I don’t appreciate they way you have ever treated me and I believe you to have always been jealous of me.  It’s okay, I don’t blame you, I would be jealous of me too.

I have grown into a loving, beautiful, smart, and desirable woman.  On the contrary, you have yet to grow up and out of high school.  If I do recall, you gathered with Thing 2 and 2 other friends one weekend to celebrate a couple birthdays between the 4 of you, and what did you do?  what did you talk about most of the weekend?  What was the hot button for you all?  Tim and I!  I appreciate the attention, but I do have to say that I feel that was kind of lame on your part.  There are a million other things you 4 could have talked about and you picked me, and it was me in a negative sense.  For Pete’s sake, you 4 don’t even go to the same college/university and you couldn’t take that time to catch up with one another and inquire about your “best friend’s” boyfriend?  No, instead you talked about me, someone who quite honestly could give a rat’s ass about you.  I apologize for a few of the words in here, but you make me that angry.  I do not like confrontation, but I do not feel that
it is right to allow someone to get away with such nonsense as putting me down behind my back.

I do not care about you in any way.  If something were to happen to you, yes, I would be upset, but for the time being, I do not care.  So would you mind leaving me out of your life…ps>We are no longer Facebook friends as of 3 weeks ago, in case you hadn’t noticed.



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