Dear Mom

22 Jun

Dear Mom,
I wish there was an easy way to get around it. I avoid you. It’s not for convenience or that I don’t like to move between houses. It’s you. And it kills me. But I feel guilty and bad because I know you mean so well, so I can never say anything. I wish you didn’t yell. Or cry. I wish you weren’t so angry and sad. And that I wasn’t so critical of you and you me. Every time I think of you wondering why your kids don’t want to see you it makes me cry. I wish you weren’t like two different people, a flip of a switch. But it is who you are, and I cannot relate. I wish I could erase me from your memory, a nice clean break, but wanting to do that makes me guilty. I wish I didn’t want you to be different than you are, but I do. I hope you keep your promise (but I wish I didn’t doubt you will).

Love, Your Daughter.


One Response to “Dear Mom”

  1. Amanda June 22, 2009 at 6:35 pm #

    It sounds like your mom is bipolar. Sometimes it can be so hard dealing with a parent who can sometimes seem like more of a child than you. I hope thinks get better. Best of luck!

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