Dear Dad

26 Jun

today you missed your youngest son’s graduation.You missed it because you can not forgive him for what he did while on drugs.
He put himself in rehab, he has three weeks left to go before he is done, he graduated high school and will be attending college next year.He is seventeen and has been through more then most kids his age go through their entire lives, and he chooses to make it better and he works hard to fix the relationships that he has broken. Watching him receive his diploma today was the proudest moment of my life, and I couldn’t even enjoy it because I knew when he looked out how bad he would feel that you were not there to support him. That you could not for once in your life think about someone other then yourself, because the only thing that you have ever been good at is making sure you do not have to go out of your way, and never putting an effort into anything that ever counted for something. I wish you knew how useless and unimportant you have made all five of your children feel, but I know that even if you did you would do nothing to change it.
The only daughter you have left.


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