Dear Supervisor

29 Jun

Dear Supervisor,

You act so grown-up that I thought you were in your late 20’s. You’re only two years older than me, and you’re buying a house! How? You have a seasonal job at a theme park. Did your parents give you a load of money? What did you study in college? Why do you have to be the queen of the office? Can you please stop being angry at me every time I need to ask for help with something? Don’t ignore me when I say good morning to you!

I bet deep down, I just only see you when you’re cranky and overworked. I bet you’re really fun to be around. But it’s a summer job–you don’t really get to know people that well in a time span of three months. But you know, that coworker of yours, the nerdy, sincere one who everyone makes fun of behind his back, the one who bugs you so much? He’s actually the one who told me that you’re really a good person. That you have a different personality at work than when you’re off.

Pretty funny, huh?

Well, I’m going to work on seeing the good parts of you. I want to enjoy my summer job, and I want to return next year. You’ll probably have moved onto bigger and better things by then. I am deciding right now that I won’t have anything against you, even if you’re short with me sometimes. Everyone has their stuff to deal with. I hope you won’t have anything against me either!

The clerk who loves night shift


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