Dear Shane

2 Jul

Dear Shane,

Yesterday you told me you are leaving in a few weeks to work in New York City until November. I held my composure together, but I was uncontrollably crying. I did not handle the news very well. Shane, I have never be able to express my feelings very well. You know I have been very reserved about my feelings and I have been very scared to get hurt again. So this is my last resort, I am head over heels for you, I have always been. Many have said, I am a gold digger or I need to be with someone who is wealthy, that is a false statement—I was head over heels for you when we worked together, and you were make less than $9 an hour. Money is not everything. Looks are not everything. Your corky personality is what I love about you; your determination is the most attractive thing about you. You are an amazing person. When you leave for a few months I will miss you dearly. I know we have not spoken a lot recently or seen each other in a few months, but this move is big. You
are no longer a call away if I truly need you for anything; you are going to be thousands of miles away.

I love you. Promise me, you will stay the same Shane I have known and loved, don’t let the big city take you over.

I love you dear.


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