Dear Attraction

3 Jul

Dear Boy-who-im-newly-attracted-to:

Hoooooly crap! Have you noticed? We used to hate each other so much two years ago. After church camp, we got along really well. And lately… Ive been feeling something for you. Its really weird, strangely attracted. You had your braces removed, and you cut your hair. And you’re always looking at me in the classroom. I feel… almost butterflies. I feel caterpillars in my stomach! My heart does a somersault when your arm barely touches mine. I look at you and I want to hug you. Your eyes are such a pretty hazel color. Your eyelashes are long. Your mouth is playful and full. You’re strong and tall. And you’re sweet and funny. The other night at the grad party, I didn’t even care that you were drunk, I just loved it when you asked me to dance with you. And then you hugged me, you didn’t say anything, but you hugged me, and it felt so nice. Days before, you told me I was really pretty. And I just stood there like a freakin idiot. Gaping. And all i could manage to say was, “uhhh…
thanks…?”. And it feels so new and different, because i had never ever crushed on you, even when all the other girls did. I don’t know if you feel the same way. I hope you do. This is good and bad; good, because you make me happy. and bad, because deep down, i wonder if you would ever like me. Like like me. You’re from the high society, the elites. and I’m just a middle class, goody two-shoes, purity-ring-wearing, pretty-but-not-hot (at least nobody has ever told me so), shy, not partying girl. Seems like a movie romance to me, and everyone knows movies are just movies.


Alexis ♥


One Response to “Dear Attraction”

  1. afatilookonlife July 21, 2009 at 5:48 am #

    Ahh this is too cute. I’m off to bed, with a smile on my face 🙂

    Thank you!

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