Dear Dad

9 Jul

Dear Dad,

All these years, I have lived with the fact that you favored your older daughter over me and the other one.

Not a sound did I make when you got her a car. Nor protest at how easily she got a laptop. No, it wasn’t only the material possessions.

How you and mom drove her to all of her practices, but never to any of mine. How I always found my way to wherever it was I had to go, because of the fuss you two would make whenever I asked.

But not a whisper when she did.

I know I wasn’t ever as smart as her. Nor did I excel in a specific sport – that was on you, you never supported me here, even when I decided to pick up an instrument, which I quit very soon after I started.

The only positive thing that I drew from this is the maturity I think I’ve gained.

Yet I don’t feel like a part of this family anymore. It’s been a while since I’ve felt I’ve belonged anywhere. And I miss that feeling.

Really, I do.

I miss the times where we had days out just the two of us. And how we’d talk about things, however mediocre or random it may be.

Your Son


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