Dear Dan

18 Jul

You are my best and closest friend. I love you to pieces. Because you are my best friend, and ONLY because you are my best friend do I want you to break up with your girlfriend. Forget the times we dated, forget how bitter I was when you felt it okay to starting dating another girl just days after you broke my heart. I’m not bitter. I only want what’s best for you. Sure, you could say I don’t know what’s best for you; I probably don’t in most cases. But I know you could do much better than your current girlfriend. She’s a brat and a whore. She’s cheated on you three times in the three months you guys have dated. She hangs up on you when you say you’re tired. She is constantly yelling at you. It breaks my heart to see you stick by her. She is not a good person, Dan. You deserve someone who will make you feel good, who will love you. You deserve someone who won’t cheat on you, won’t yell at you constantly. Please, Dan, do yourself a favor and get out of this relationship.
Your Best Friend


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