Dear Heather

22 Jul

Heather [all names changed],
Do you remember me? Samantha Arlington. From first grade, when we were still friends. I’m sure you remember, Heather.
But do you also remember the trifle that ended our short friendship after almost exactly two years? That pink jacket, or was it a sweatshirt. Me, I don’t remember exactly what happened; but then, I never found out the real truth. Was it Laura’s sweater and she claimed you had ruined it by drawing on it with a pen, yet refused to pay it – or was it the other way around? Fact is, after the summer holidays, I met Laura first, completely unaware of what had happened. And that, as I was to find out very soon, was the end of our friendship.
Yet what is broken can often be repaired; what is destroyed can often be built again. That sweatshirt is not the only thing standing between us; the other obstacle is the time that has passed, time of “non-friendship” – but I believe it’s not too late yet. Let’s be friends again. Friends like girls among girls. Not more – but not less, either.
You probably don’t know that I vowed never to use those party bottles filled with colorful pieces of paper again before our friendship has been restored. You probably don’t know how hard I prayed the following year before we moved away, perfectly aware of the fact that I was running out of time, yet feeling paralyzed as soon as I saw you, like that one time you passed by with Felicity – the only person who was your friend and my friend – as I was trying to climb a tree. You probably don’t know that Laura once said she wouldn’t mind if you died – that was shortly after the incident with the sweatshirt -, but later felt sorry. You probably don’t know that I continued praying long after we had seen each other for the last time – probably on the school yard or during lunch, when I sometimes tried to look you in the eyes, but it never worked – and am still continuing to do so.
Now you know.
Heather, I’m serious: Can we please be friends again? Let’s not let the past stand like a wall between us. Please! Think about it, Heather. And, please, answer me in any case. I’ll be waiting for your reply.


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