Dear Love

29 Jul

Dear Love,

Love YourselfSometimes I’m not sure you truly exist. There is so much negativity surrounding myself and others on a more-than-daily basis that it is difficult to have faith in people or anything, really. I have been struggling with this concept for a while now, but it has been a recurring theme as of late. My parents and I have a decently working relationship based on the fact that family has to be there to support each other, whether they want to or not, despite the abuse that may or may not occur. I have been through a few rough relationships in the past few years that have left me wondering if it is possible to love yourself and someone else at the same time; it was not possible that both happen and said relationships therefore ended. Even some friendships have failed or faded, leaving me more disappointed. Love, is it necessary to test people like this?

I am realizing the answer is yes. I am also realizing that more people are helping me pass the test than fail it. For those friends, I am truly grateful. Love, you are a concept that is taken advantage of and taken for granted. But at the risk of sounding cliche, to those friends, I love you. I am truly grateful to have you, and you have helped me in ways I cannot convey with simple words. You have shown me love, and restored my faith in love. Thank you for that.

A Friend


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