Dear Mom

4 Aug

Dear Mom,
This October, you will be dead for 10 years, and I’m even angrier with you now, then I was back then. I don’t even know how to express how angry I am, except to say that I finally realized that all the sacrifices I made for you were for nothing. None of them mattered.
You used me to your advantage, and then laughed at me when I was at my lowest point. If you were still alive, I would probably have killed myself by now. Serendipitously, you died first, and much to everyone’s surprise, I have become respected and successful in my chosen field, and financially secure. I have a lovely home, and a husband who loves me.
Despite my anger, I hope that wherever you are, you’re happy. And, I hope that wherever I go when it’s over, is a parallel universe to your location so that we never meet again. Grandma will probably be sad for me that I feel this way, and more than anything, I want to be with her, again, and knowing how you are, you probably have her taking care of you, so you will have to share her. In this you have no choice.
All I can say in closing is that you should be very glad I didn’t figure you out before you died. I would have walked away from you and never looked back. Instead, I got to empty your commode for three years, and treat you with dignity. I’m not sorry about that, just glad I didn’t know you, then, for the viper you are.


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