Dear John K.

6 Aug

Dear John K.,

Recently, life has been somewhat horrendous to you. You lost a job and, shortly thereafter, lost your children and then your wife. My previous letter may have been somewhat early. Having thought extensively about the subject, I have decided that Liz is extremely selfish, with no real regard for what would be best for the whole but only what would be best for her. To take kids out of their school in the middle of the year has to be so psychologically traumatizing that I can’t even begin to fathom the damage she might have caused. Now, she acts like her life sucks in St. Louis because she has to live with Sheryl but she chose that life. Any sane person could have told her that things would get ridiculously tense, especially with a passive-aggressive brother-in-law. I am writing to say that you still have people on your side. Your children leap to your defense the second a conversation starts that is about you. I just want you to know that no one has forgotten you and that you will always be our father.


Your son


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