Dear Son

7 Aug

Dear Son:

"I'll always be there for you ... "

"I'll always be there for you ... "

You are almost 19 now, old enough to understand that people do not always act in a rational manner. We are not close now, and your mother wants you to come live with me. I find this ironic when from the point of the divorce until just recently your mother did her best to limit my time with you. In every major decision in your life she has fought me. I had to take her to court to increase my visitation with you to 2 days a week instead of one. She took every opportunity she could to keep you away from me. Now she wants you to come live with me. Please trust me when I say I did everything in my power to fight her and spend time with you. It took me years to pay off the mountain of debt she accumulated during our marriage; unfortunately the financial situation she is in right now is due to her own financial irresponsibility. She can rip me off, lie to me and saddle me with debt but the IRS and the bank that holds her mortgage are a different story. They have lawyers and will readily take her to court, unlike her ex-husband. I am sad for you but can not and will not help her. Sadly as they say it is time for her to pay the piper, her chickens have come home to roost, she has made her bed and now she must lie in it. Whatever the cliché, she is not a victim, she has only herself to blame. I will always be there for you.


Your Dad


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