Dear “I would save you a dance”

8 Aug

Dear Vest originally from West,

You’re a fascinating character. I can’t tell if you’re a loner or not, but I can tell that you dedicate yourself to the things you do: your job, your interests, your residents, the huge events you plan. And you never boast. You do great things and you never brag about them. You shy away from appreciation. Your presence makes others feel safe or protected because you’re authoritative. You wear cloaks, hippie jeans, and pirate outfits. It’s glorious.

Now of course, I don’t know the whole story. I’ve had just a few conversations with you in the two weeks, and I always kind of thought you didn’t want to talk to me this past year. I didn’t take it personally; I just assumed you were busy with sword fights and people that did actually live on your floor. And that was the right thing to do.

I wonder what you assumed about me. I’ve always kinda wondered that. I wonder now, after the past week or two, if your perceptions have changed. I wonder what you assume about me right now, or if you assume anything at all. I’ve always been interested in how people view each other. And just for the record, I get extreme satisfaction from surprising people with new information that they didn’t know about me. And I love to be surprised by others!

Not many people are as concentratedly “themselves” as you appear to be. I applaud that. If we were English nobility at a party in the 1800s, I’d totally save you a dance, my friend. If you asked me, of course.

An Observer


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