Dear Somebody

13 Aug

Dear Somebody
Dear Somebody Out There
Or perhaps I should say: Dear You…

You may be surprised about this letter, but maybe you’re not. Maybe you’ve even been waiting for it.
I’m sure you’re the right person. Absolutely sure. Why? That’s simple: because I didn’t send this piece of paper on its journey all by itself, but accompanied with prayers and supported by God’s promises. I want you to know that.
Since I don’t know you (not even your name!), I can hardly say that I miss you – yet in a way I do. I’m tired of being alone. Sick of it. Aren’t you as well?

Hoping – no, expecting! – to hear from you soon,
Sammy (Samantha Arlington) [name changed]

P.S. Note that I  wrote “Dear Somebody”, not “Dear Anybody” – just in case you’re still wondering if this letter is really meant for you.


One Response to “Dear Somebody”

  1. randomboo August 13, 2009 at 9:27 pm #

    Very nice, thank you for sending me that ^_^

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