Dear those who need an eye-opener

13 Aug

To whoever needs an eye-opener, YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!!

Last year, I heard a story that I shall never forget. It was one of the saddest stories I have ever heard but, yet, It was so helpful to  me in a way that I could share it to others. I’m going to change the names of the people but everything else is pretty much the same. It went like this…(from the speakers point of view).
I tell her story, because I promised her Father I would
I and my wife are youth ministers at our local church. The kids and ourselves always had a great time together. One afternoon Jamie brought a friend to our youth group, Sam. Sam was somewhat quiet but would participate in our activities and always have a good time. After a couple of weeks, my wife and I decided we should try to tell her about Jesus and how he died for our sins, but she would always refuse our proposal. Every week we would try, but every week she would reply that she wasn’t interested. Neither us nor Jamie could figure out what exactly it was she wasn’t getting. A few more weeks past and on some random, normal day, Sam was at school and wasn’t feeling the best. So she went to the nurse and had a slight temperature of about 100. “Maybe you should lay down for a little  while,” said the nurse, so she did. A couple of minutes later they took her temperature again – 105. “Sam, we’re going to need to take you to the hospital to figure out what’s wrong, OK?” said the nurse.  Sam was taken to the hospital and had to have treatment for what turned out to be Lime disease. A few days later, though, she was fine. Her father was there with her, and they told him that she was going to get to go home today. “That’s great,” her father said, “I’m just going to go down to the cafeteria and bring you back some food while you get all ready, Sam”. With her face shining with happiness, he left Sam and went to the cafeteria. As he had just gotten their food, his pager goes off (the one they give you in case something goes wrong). He instantly drops the food, runs upstairs  to see what’s the matter and comes in the room to find his daughter  lying on her bed, dead. “If I didn’t know any better,” the nurse said,  “it was like someone had just pulled the plug.” There was no sign, no problems, nothing…..she just died on the spot. Devastated, he later came to me and said, TIM, WHERE IS MY LITTLE GIRL?!” So I had to tell him where I thought his daughter was.
A few days later, Jamie came to youth group and told me that she new why Sam had never accepted Christ. It was because Sam couldn’t tell that it made a difference in Jamie’s life, so she didn’t see why she needed it. I now go around  and tell Sam’s story to everyone I can because her father made me promise to do so.


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