Dear Bandmate

15 Aug

"We were a formidable team"You taught me so much in so little time.  I admired your playing and your attitude about it.  I always felt comfortable playing music with you and I thought of us as a great guitar/bass team.  We were pretty damn good and we knew it.  I loved the time that we spent playing and making music together that summer.  I always knew that if anyone else messed up their parts it would still be you and me going strong keeping it up.  I guess the songs became too easy for us.  It was that thought that led us the next summer to up the ante in terms of what we wrote together.  I can easily say that you are the reason for some of the crazier things that I’ve written since then.  All I have to say is thanks.  Thanks for challenging me, getting me into some better music and being a cool dude to hang out with.

You aggravate me in so many ways it’s not even funny.  I can’t stand your personality now and how out of it you are.  How could we go from what we once were to where we are now?  I once thought that we would always shared ideas when writing music but now I don’t even want to hear your opinions on things.  You’re so negative about anyone else’s ideas all of the time.  I hope and think that you realize it.  If you’re alone now, it’s no one’s fault but your own.  I’ve tried being cool with you and telling people you’re still a good dude.  I still wish that we could share writing music together because we were a pretty formidable team, even if no one but me saw it.  I still wish that things could go back to the way they were, even if we had to carry the band.  You resent me for going to school, and I resent you for your negativity and selfishness.  But I guess without those things we wouldn’t be who we are.

I still call you a friend but I don’t know why.  I still hope that we can jam together again when I’m home or out of school but I don’t know why.


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