Dear You

15 Aug

I went to write you a letter today, and then I took my pill and decided not to. I wish you could know and understand, how the thought of you makes me cry. I wish I could explain to you, that I love you even knowing that I would never be happy with you. I hope you know, you’ve infected me. They’re will always be traces of you in me. For me, there is no cure of you. An open wound that will never fully heal. I’m always going to love you. It’s unfortunate that love can’t just be enough.

And this will be my secret. I will keep it mine and my burden alone always.

of an undying love
no anger attached
just love
pure and true

and I want you to know

but I don’t want to tell you

I don’t want you to think it’s changed anything
because nothings changed.

I still can’t be with you.


One Response to “Dear You”

  1. The Short One December 5, 2009 at 9:29 am #

    This letter makes me so very, very sad… hopelessness just leaks from it. But even so I wish someone I knew wrote it, just so I’d know they have a wound that matches mine. Somehow that would help, knowing they’re not the cold, unfeeling prick they seem to be now.

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