Dear Drew

17 Aug

Dear Drew,
As my first boyfriend, we both know there will always be feeling between us. That one night we spent together five years after us splitting was a mistake…It shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have let it happen. But, I wanted to make you happy since I felt like I never had before. Now I look back and realize that I only stooped to your level.
I’m not going to be your pawn anymore in your sick mind games. I’m not falling for it. Yes, there are still feelings, and I wish you were my kind of guy…but you’re not. And, I don’t think you can accept that. But, you need to. It’s not going to happen. Nothing is going to happen.
But then again, thanks for always being such a close friend and listening to me complain about every little thing and helping me see the truth.

The Other Woman, if only for a night.


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