Dear Interested Girl

21 Aug

Dear Interested Girl,

There are a few things I think you should know before you get involved with him. This is ultimately for your own good, because we both know how humiliated you’ll feel later down the road when you realized you lost the fight before even knowing it had begun.
The first thing you need to know is exactly what you want out of this relationship. If it’s anything less than pure, unadulterated, lasting, and completely committed love, you might as well walk away now. He deserves someone who isn’t going to break his heart, so if you’re just in it temporarily, or for merely physical reasons, you’re treading into very dangerous ground.
The second thing you need to know is what kind of girl you are. If you’re a party girl, a tough girl, a user, a manipulator, a slut, an airhead, or a snob, forget you ever saw him. He deserves a true Lady, so if you aren’t prepared to be anything less than classy and genuinely good, you’re going to lose the fight.
The third and most important thing to know is that if you decide to pursue him, at some point early in the relationship he’s going to introduce you to me. Yeah, hi. Sorry, you can’t avoid it. We are very close and have been our whole lives. He values my opinion – however he makes his own decisions and sometimes chooses not to follow my advise. In the end he will make his own decision about you too, whether to pursue you or whether to forget it. Unfortunately for you, if you’re a girl who doesn’t deserve him, it will be too late for his decision to save you by that point.

You see, I know who you are. From the moment we meet, every trick in the book is working against you to unriddle who you are without you ever being aware of it. Most of the time, I will give you a fair and unbiased beginning. I am not rash or foolish when making important decisions, you will be given a chance to prove yourself. I should warn you, however, that in this preliminary stage it will profit you nothing to try and fake it. Nothing is more condemning than trying to be someone you aren’t, so if you’d like a chance with him, be honest about who you are and what you want. I will know when you aren’t, so for your own sake don’t try.

It is not uncommon, and you would not be the first person to try, for you to become nervous about my role in everything and seek to undermine my credibility. You may tell yourself you don’t care what I think. You may tell him he shouldn’t care what I think. Don’t waste your time with that particular argument because it wont change anything. What happens has nothing to do with him. He doesn’t take my advice very often when it comes to such things. You may try to convince the parties involved that ultimately, family doesn’t matter. The only two people involved are you and he, and if it comes to choosing between family and you, he will choose you. I’m afraid, dear, that such efforts just wont work. You see, family means a great deal to him and he will want to a wife he can be proud to bring around his family. On the other hand, if he did have to choose and he loved you, he would indeed choose you over us. That’s alright. But it will never come to that point, because you will be gone
long before it ever escalates to that.

So you see, I am a very important person for you to meet. He does not even realize how important. If you are really serious about considering a future with him, you and I must meet. I am the person you must next impress, after securing his interest. I say this so that you might be afraid of me, but also so that you might realize the potential awaiting you. If you are the right girl, and you and I become friends, and my opinion of you is very good, you will have a most powerful ally in your quest for his heart. On the other hand, if you are not only the wrong girl, but a corrosive, destructive component in his life, you will have an immovable force of opposition in your way. You know the language of females, as do I, and you know that volumes can be spoken without ever opening you mouth. I will drive you away effectively and quickly. I will be gentle, and you may feel hostility but it will be just subtle enough that one day you will wake up and realize you left him, lost him, and
know you never fought back.

I have been protecting him from harm his whole life. From the moment he entered my world, I have been trying to shield him from unnecessary hurts. If you are anything less than good for him, I will do what I can to extract you from his life. You can’t fight me, so forget trying to be angry and resentful. I do not say this with hostility, or to be unnecessarily rude. I say this honestly, openly. I am not issuing a challenge, I am stating fact. This will happen. You either will pass or fail. If you pass, wonderful. Then it becomes between you and he again and I will not interfere. Then it becomes your job to win his undying affections. If you do not pass, if you fail, then save your dignity and pick yourself up again. Find another guy who you are better suited for. I don’t care what names you call me in your anger. I wear the protective badge with pride and have triumphed in my previous vanquishes. I feel no shame in driving you away.

Knowing all this, if you still want to date him then you are most welcome to try. When we meet, I look forward to candidly exploring the possibilities that lie ahead for you and he. You and I will either be good friends, or determined enemies. We cannot avoid an acquaintance, and you cannot avoid my ultimate opinion of you, because I Am The Sister.

The Sister


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