Dear My Best Friend

21 Aug

Dear My Best Friend

I know what you are going through must be stressful but in all honesty you were the one who got yourself into this mess. You played both guys off not knowing which boy you loved in the meanwhile having both of them try their hardest to prove to you that you should be with them.

Now you have got yourself pregnant not knowing who the father is and you wonder why I don’t feel sorry for you. Your are not the only one who has ever been pregnant so stop acting like it’s the end of the world.Your going to get rid of it anyway, you’re still out every night drinking, smoking and partying — you can’t be that upset or worried for your unborn baby. You have always gotten away with cheating on your current boyfriends with the ex’s making out that the other guy is at fault. But it’s yours. One day they will stop trying to win you back and then instead of having two wonderful guys you will have none. Now I know your heart is torn between two but why don’t you step back and break it off with both of them for a while instead of going to each others houses every other day and night. Yes I may seem a bit harsh but all you do is moan about how hard your life is when in reality you have it easy. The last time you cheated on your current boyfriend he even took you out for dinner to make up for it. What the hell did he ever do to you? You dont realize, but they are my friends as well, and I dont think I can stand around much longer while you are hurting them. You need to figure out for yourself and stop blaming other people because you only have yourself to blame. I will always be there for you, and I love you so much, but I’m starting to not like you the same way as before, so for me and those boys can you change the way you are acting?


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