Dear Male Best Friend

23 Aug

Dear male best friend (or ex),

I miss you. Guys don’t often say this to other guys. But I guess i do. I remember how close we used to be. And how we could talk about anything that bothered us, stuff that we didn’t want girls to know.

We were just very good friends. You’d call me when you were upset about that girl you were after. You’re currently dating her now – which is the reason I think we are no longer close.

Out of the blue, you called me after 5 months of no contact. Why? Because you were upset over that girl again.

And that really hurts – is that the only reason you were calling? I asked whether you had realized how long its been since you’ve called, and you just said oh i guess you’re the wrong person to talk to about this, and hung up.

I didn’t know whether to be hideously angry, or just be plain, well, sad. Is that all I meant to you?

I’d really like to know.

Perhaps I’m just not good enough of a friend.

I will write again soon, to the female best friend instead. I’d hope that you both read this – though I doubt you ever will.

Your friend.


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