Dear Mom

23 Aug

Dear Mom,

Where do I start, you never understand us. Any of us. You say you do, but no. I act out like I do cause you take a moment to say you love me, to say you appreciate me. All I hear is how much you are a shame of me, and why can’t you be like her. I don’t want to hear that, I want to be loved. I want to change for you but what good is that. If you lost all reasons to understand and respect me. I see no point. I lied, cheat, stole, had sex, the only thing I haven’t done is drink and drugs. You don’t know any of those, and if you did all you would is lash at me for being a bad child. I am, and I don’t care. All I wanted to be is your little girl. Why can’t you see that?

Never would you ever understand why I do things, you are to ignorant of your own pride and self-righteous to see. I now understand what you are about, you make us lessen our self to make you look like a good mother. In truth, I learn everything from you. What a great person you are.

I hope in the future you learn what you done to us, to see how you act actually reflect on us. We saw what you did, we know what you have done. We know especially know what you done with the men you brought home, all of those times we were younger.

Thanks for being such a great role model, mom….not.


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