Dear Him

28 Aug

Dear Him,

We weren’t even together that long, but you meant so much to me, We spent every hour we had free together.
But then you went on a ‘lads holiday’ and when you came home you were different, you didn’t care about me anymore. I’ve come to accept that it’s probably because you met someone, but I just wish that you were nicer about the way that you ended it. To just stop seeing someone, not even telling them you aren’t going to show up to a date is the most horrible way to end a relationship. I thought that you’d be different because you we’re older, and I thought you’d be more mature. I was wrong.
But the worst thing about it all is I can’t stop thinking about you. Everything reminds me of you. I can’t go anywhere that we haven’t been, or had wanted to do.
And now you’re leaving to go to university, and I’m joining the army, and it would be miracle if I ever bumped into you again. But I’ll always hope.
I miss you.


One Response to “Dear Him”

  1. Jimmy August 30, 2009 at 12:57 pm #


    the exact same thing happened to me – my ex went on a girls’ only holiday and met someone there. she denied it, but we broke up soon after, and she is with him now.

    i feel you.


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