Dear Family

31 Aug

Dear Mom, Vanessa, and Jenny (all names changed),

This is your fat daughter/sister, Anneliese. I just wanted to tell you that I resent you three. Wanna know why? How about every single day with the constant reminder about how fat I am or how the only reason I like coming with you to the grocery store is to stuff my face and become fatter. I’m not mad at Dad, Zac, or Nick (brothers). They never make fun of me for who I am. They’re smart and know not to talk about a girl and her weight because they’re mature and understand.

I resent you though, Mom, Vanessa, and Jenny (sisters). You’re the reason I’ve come to dislike most girls because all they seem to do is talk and gossip about people and become hateful bitches.

Mom, I understand you were once skinny and beautiful when you were young, but now, your metabolism has slowed and you have no right to tell me that I’m a cow and bear and will never find a man that would love me for being overweight.

Vanessa, how dare you make fun of me for eating when you eat 10x more than me and are lucky to have a fast metabolism although you’ve NEVER been involved in any sport/outdoor activity whereas I’ve been in track for two years and still get made fun of for not being skinny like you, my older sister. By the way, your comeback “fat, ugly pig” got old the first 1000 times you said it, but it’s not like it still doesn’t hurt every time you say it.

Jenny, you are a hateful person. It seems as though everyday you have to make fun of me for being fat if I don’t let you borrow something or you get annoyed with me. You tell me that I’m a “fat bitch” and I need to “go lose weight” even though you, mom, and Vanessa know  that I cry like a wimp every time you hurt me and then continue to make fun of me by asking if you had “hurt my feelings” or if I’m gonna go run to my room and cry more.

I know that I’m annoying and not mean, but for you guys to make fun of me on an everyday basis is a low blow. I KNOW I’m fat. I KNOW I need to lose weight. Don’t you think I’ve tried? I’ve tried eating healthier but now that Mom stopped cooking and tells Vanessa to go buy fast food everyday it gets pretty hard. I do resist the temptations but you (Jenny) and Vanessa saying things like “oh are you trying to lose weight, how cute” is not very motivational.

Lucky for me, I’m strong enough to never consider suicide/bulimia/anorexia because I love my life and the people I’ve met who don’t treat me the way you guys do. Fortunately for you, however, you know my weak point and take great pride in making fun of me whenever you can because you want to feel better about yourself. I bet it hurts to know that mom and dad consider me the favorite because I always talk to them, do well in school, and want and appreciate them.

I just can’t wait for the day when karma takes its toll and you two finally know how it feels like to be called fat and made fun of and realize how much you hurt me and put me through for 17 years of my life. And by the looks of the past few years, it seems as though both of you are gaining some butt and stomach so you won’t be able to make much fun of me anymore. The only thanks you’ll deserve one day is for making me a stronger person and allowing me to go on and teach my children how to treat everyone with respect, no matter how big or small.

I love all of you guys, I really do. But, Vanessa and Jenny, how do you expect to become psychologists some day when you don’t even have the competence to understand what it’s like to hurt someone the way you do? You know how much I’ve cried and suffered everyday of my fat life, but yet you go and major in psychology and become involved in protests (Vanessa) helping other people feel better about themselves and once you get home, you’re both hypocrites once again and make fun of me.

I really pray for you to stop making fun of me and I take back what I said. I don’t wish you being fat like me, ever. I just want you to know that you hurt me and even though I hope nothing happens to you guys, karma is a bitch, no matter what.


One Response to “Dear Family”

  1. annaliese August 31, 2009 at 4:54 pm #

    Omg this is my story! Yay I’m happy it went up 😀

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