Dear Brother

1 Sep

Dear Brother,
You are making the worst decision of your life, and I wish something, anything, that we try and tell you would convince you to change your mind.
I love you so much, but the truth is I’ve never been more disappointed in you.
I don’t get why you are doing this, you’re so young, you don’t need this. Why can’t you see?
In a sad way, I hope your plans go wrong, and don’t follow through just so you won’t have to go through with this stupid thing.
We had a plan, after I graduated…guess that’s off too, right? Thought so…
Please, don’t do anything too stupid, you’re too good for all the crap you’re dealing with and I hope some day you’ll see that.
Well, I guess this is goodbye for a while. I’ll miss you. Keep in touch? Didn’t think so…
Love, Little Sister


One Response to “Dear Brother”

  1. A September 1, 2009 at 10:05 pm #

    Thank you for posting my letter, I really appreciate it. It felt good to let it out. You can expect many more letters from me 🙂

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