Dear Cousin

2 Sep

Dear Cousin,
About six years ago you tricked me into something that has completely changed my life. Everyday when I’m home alone I sit on the computer and watch porn for hours and hours at a time. I wish I didn’t but it was you that changed my life in a negative way.
When I was in seventh grade you pulled me into your dads barn and made me look at that magazine that ruined me.
 I regret conforming every single day. I know you are not all to blame. I should have just said no and not given into peer pressure, but I was not that strong in my faith back then.
 I hate that I walked into that room and flipped through those pages. It really has ruined my life and torn me away from Jesus and my family. It is something I am still struggling and dealing with everyday. I know it’s not your fault, but if you wouldn’t have been the snake in the garden then I wouldn’t be where I am today.


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