Dear Tony

7 Sep

Dear Tony

Im jealous of your relationship with my best friend Emily.

You say im the only person who actually has the word “best” in front of friend, because I am the one person who you can talk to about anything with but we both know thats not true. I WAS the first person you told your deepest darkest secrect to. I WAS the house you drove to, or the number you called, at 1 in the morning so you could tell me your problems, while I sit there and tried to help.

But this was all before you met Emily.

When was the last time you called me and we had one of our heart to hearts? I honestly cant remember. When was the last time you called Emily and had a heart to heart with her? Prolly last night.

I feel as if I have been replaced.

Why is it you can now call Emily and talk to her for hours about things you would never talk to me about? Like, your sex life. But you never call me anymore you just..text. The least personal way of communication as you call it.

Whenever I call you, we talk. But its never long because you always come up with an excuse to say goodbye, and end up texting me in about 30 mins.

Why is it that you can talk to Emily, who you have known for about 3 months, for hours about something so personal, but you cant talk to me, your “best” friend, about it? It just makes me you want her to be your new “best” friend?

Your “best” friend


2 Responses to “Dear Tony”

  1. c September 8, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    i think i can relate to this..
    its a horrible feeling to feel replaced!

  2. Amanda September 9, 2009 at 7:03 am #

    This is my biggest fear. I finally found a friend who won’t replace me though. I hope.

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