Dear You Know Who You Are

9 Sep

You know who you are,
I pretend that your words don’t hurt me. But they do. Every time you say something,  whatever it is this time: I’m a bitch, fat, that I have no friends, it kills me on the inside. I go to my room and I cry. And you think it’s all some joke. But it hurts. It always hurts. I don’t understand what it is that you get out of this, but it’s sick and mean, and I can’t take it anymore.
I can’t do it anymore. So either you stop and we don’t talk to one another for a while. Or you keep on going, and I leave this mess of a life and we never see one another again.
I just can’t keep myself pulled together anymore. I’m coming undone because every time you call me one of those names I get closer and closer to breaking.
So stop.


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