Dear Cracker

15 Sep

Dear Cracker,

You were suppose to be my best friend, the kind of best friend who I can call at four in the morning crying because some boy broke my heart and you getting ready to kick his ass for hurting me…not the boy who breaks my heart and leaves me alone. Not the best friend, who doesn’t show up to my sixteenth birthday. You were willing to play with the person I was and pick at everything about me. You pushed me into an eating disorder…and back into leaving horrible scars on my arms. You never saw what you truly meant to be me. You were all I wanted, but all I want isn’t what you need. You used me for some fun when you two broke up…we spent a weekend together, it was the best weekend of my life, but after like two weeks…you finally told me that you couldn’t be with me because it’d ruin our friendship…but the friendship was already ruined once you said that. That pushed me into suicide…I almost killed myself because you played me again. You looked me in the eyes and told me that
you wanted to try to be with me…but it was a lie. I will always think you’re the one for me and I wish you would let us try because to be honest to you, I’ll be the best thing to EVER happen to you and I WILL make you happy. If we’re as close as you say we are…even dating won’t ruin us. If you’d stop being such a pansy and try to take a risk once in awhile, maybe, just maybe, you’d see that I’m a great person and I do make you smile all the time. Every girlfriend you had before, you never talk about them…which means they weren’t worth it. I don’t want to be another chapter in you’re book…I wanna be the final page. So please, just give us a try, trust me, we can make it work and we can be happy. I’m not like all the other girls, I’m different. I’m the girl who’s crazy enough to sing with you in the middle of the mall and dance around. I’m the kind of girl, who jumps around like she’s in some hardcore rock band while singing in Rock Band. You do the same exact thing, yeah we
have differences, but we’d be so perfect for each other.

Love you…more then you know,


One Response to “Dear Cracker”

  1. Amanda September 16, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    I know where you are coming from my friend. I do indeed. Good luck.

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