Dear World

16 Sep

Wow. I’ve been moving really fast lately. It’s like one thing after another. I feel like this is a climax in my life and it’s really scary. I’m ready, but not ready at the same time, and I wish I knew what I was doing half the time, but most of the time I put on a smile and try to make people think I’m completely confident in all my decisions. Sometimes I think I’m not worthy of success or the ability to prosper and sometimes I think I deserve it for all I have suffered. It’s hard to say whether I should pursue my dreams full force however unlikely it is that I will actually get to where I want or play it safe and never be on the cutting edge. I wish there could be someone beside me really pushing me and helping instead of a few people who kind of show a little bit of interest. I guess what I’m saying is I hope it’s worth it. I hope people realize my hardwork and figure out that I’m happy pursuing my dreams regardless if I catch up with them or not. At least I’m trying, right?




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