Dear Mighty Man

20 Sep

Dear Mighty Man,

I hope you’re not spending all your time playing video games in your room. I’m so afraid that you’re not getting any human interaction. I still love you, and we both know why this had to happen. We’ll always be curious about what else is out there if we don’t stick this out. Not to say I don’t cry at least once a day.

I’m young, but I know something special when I see it. You and I have a bond that gets through the tough stuff. I’m afraid we won’t get through this one, but I know that if we try, we could. I don’t want to lose you in my life. I know I always talked about connections with other people, and “things feeling right” with them, even just as friends. That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel it with you. But maybe that’s another reason that this breakup has to happen–maybe I need to be taught how to appreciate you.

I’m sure there are things that you also need to learn, but I don’t know what they are. I’m sure you have some idea though, or this wouldn’t have been a mutual decision.

I hope you’re finding love and support from someone. I’m really sad that it can’t be me. It feels strange to comfort each other through our own breakup… does that defeat the point?

But I miss you and I get sentimental more than I should. Looking at other guys isn’t exciting yet, so it offers no real consolation. But I will give it time. I still want to figure this out with you, together. I still want to love you and be there for you. I know I need to give you space, so I will back off a little bit. But when you wear that bracelet, maybe it can remind you that I am still here, that you are still important to me, and that I NEVER want to leave you behind.

I want you in my life, Mighty Man. I know that for sure. And you know it too. I just have to figure out myself for a while. We’ll forge our own way through life, break some stereotypes, follow others, make stupid mistakes, hurt each other, and find ways to make it better. The way I cope is to go to concerts, work, actually do my homework, be with my family and sisters, and see theater performances. I need other people to get me through. I hope you find someone besides me to confide in. I know you are quiet and keep things to yourself, but I hope you find SOMEone. We all need someone.

All the leftover love in my broken heart,
Every good memory,
and much thanks for believing that it’s worth it to try to make me smile.

I love you,
Justice Woman


One Response to “Dear Mighty Man”

  1. (anonymous) September 21, 2009 at 3:41 am #

    This… I wrote this months ago. Six months, to be exact. You have no idea how strange it was to see this resurface. I had forgotten about it. I had moved on. I’m on the track to staying good friends with this person. Man, did I need lots of time…
    This jolted me. I’m not sure how, but I know it was in a good way. How strange!

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