Dear Everyone I’ve Ever Dated

22 Sep

Dear everyone i’ve ever dated,

I’m a lesbian.  I am.  I thought that I could date a man but the idea of being physically intimate with a man is becoming increasingly repulsive.  I can’t stand it.  and I hate the heteronormativity of it.  and i feel like when i date a man i have to act a certain way or i’ll piss him off but with women i can just be myself.  no one expects me to be a certain way or like certain things.

I’m a lesbian.  and i love women.  and i love one woman in particular.  She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  i am so in love with her still but i broke her heart and i don’t know if things can ever be fixed and i hate that.  i hate myself for hurting her.  and i miss her terribly every day.

Look, guys…you’re all nice guys but…you’re guys and i like women.  Probably more than you.

that queer girl you dated/are trying to date


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