Dear Cuba

23 Sep

Dear Cuba,

You are the best little town. You probably have a population of what, 5000? You’re tiny. You’re a highway town. One of your biggest attractions is a giant rocking chair, for goodness sakes.

But for some reason, I have always loved you! You have that beautiful lake, which is half retirement community, half wealthy people with vacation homes. I love to just walk into the water up to my neck at sunset and see everything reflect on both sides of the trees on the horizon. I like the little fake lighthouse and the man-made beach. I like the colors of the trees in the fall, and the smell of barbeque you can smell all the way around the lake.

Some of my favorite teenage memories happened in Cuba. I saw my best friend become an Eagle Scout. I quilted with him a few summers ago, and I watched the best, most dangerous, and loudest fireworks display down there this summer. And it wasn’t even Independence Day, they just felt like blowing up shit, so they rented a field and invited the whole town. I’ve been to your drive-in movie theater a bunch of times with another friend, and afterwards we rode back to their house all curled up in blankets in the back of the truck, watching the stars.

I know I don’t live there, and that grass might just seem greener on the other side, but I just wanted to thank you, Cuba, for being my favorite little town South of St. Louis. Thank you for the people, the nature, and the experiences you’ve provided me. I don’t care what they say–we were meant to be together, and I’ll always love you!

Resident of Sullivan, MO.


One Response to “Dear Cuba”

  1. Rachel Tankersley September 24, 2009 at 2:33 am #

    Aw, I love this letter. It makes me smile, a lot. I love how happy it is and how much love is expressed. This just made my day. 🙂

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